Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine?

The simple answer is YES.

  • However, Glucosamine, although a great supplement for your dog’s joint health, is more effective when it is combined with other ingredients. Glucosamine taken on it’s own is digested in your dog’s digestive tract. A dog’s tract is much shorter than a human tract so really needs to absorb more efficiently before it passes through their body.

  • Human Glucosamine tablets are coated to make them easy to swallow. We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to administer tablets to dogs. You think they have swallowed them after you cleverly disguise the tablet in a piece of meat or cheese, only to find the tablet lying on the floor later.

  • So, it is better to use a pure human grade Glucosamine powder for efficient absorption and more effective results.

  • Which dog joint supplement combination is the best for my dog?

For more effective joint health results Glucosamine should be combined with Chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

  • Each of these ingredients taken on their own are very good but are easily excreted from your dog’s system. What you are probably not aware of is that if the four ingredients are present in a supplement, they form a positive molecular binding agent in your dog’s body, and this is harder for your dog’s body to excrete. So, more of the goodness and effectiveness of the supplement stays in the body for longer. This increases the benefits of the supplement four fold.

  • Winston & Porter’s ® MAX STRENGTH Quadruple Strength Premium Dog Joint Supplement and the MAX STRENGTH Pain Free contain all 4 of these ingredients. The supplement is also in a human grade powder (a tasty porridge consistency). Just add water, mix and dog's love it! It is Gluten and Wheat free. So, no more difficult to administer tablets. Excellent results are regularly achieved by clients.

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