'Fizz' the Cocker Spaniel and her pups thrive on Winston & Porter's ®Nourish + C Multi Vitamin

This is Fizz, the Cocker Spaniel a very proud Mum and her pups who gave birth on Easter Friday. The pups are 6 hours old on this photo!

Fizz has been on Winston & Porter's Nourish + C Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplementthroughout her pregnancy and in her owner Stan Rawlinson's own words,

“Fizz’s coat and condition plus the condition of the pups are excellent . . . . "

It is a high spec supplement for whelping bitches and for weaning puppies.

Stan Rawlinson, AKA 'The Dog Listener' has been using our products with his dogs for some time now and has seen a marked difference in his gun dogs condition and performance whilst they have been fed Winston & Porter's ® Max Strength Joint Supplement. Recovery rates are quicker, stamina has improved and flexibility of movement has increased.

Stan has also been using our Max Strength Pain Free supplementon his dog who recently broke an elbow which had to be pinned. A really bad break! Stan says,“The Pain Free supplement has made a big difference but as the break was a bad one, it is taking longer than normal to repair”.

Stan is one of The UK's Leading Dog Behaviourists and Obedience Trainers. He covers Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire and London. He is generally retired from one to one behavioural work.

​He is an honest no nonsense individual who says it how it is. He has written some very honest and pertinent articles about the canine world, in particular dog food brands like Pedigree and Bakers.


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